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January 27, 2024

Hypnotherapy For An Organized Home

I have been utilizing hypnotherapy for the past 15 years to help me with a variety of ADHD related issues, and it’s been incredibly effective. I’ve been referring my clients to the wonderful hypnotherapists that I’ve worked with. I recently completed Paul McKenna’s Hypnotherapy Certification through Mind Valley. This intensive […]
October 13, 2023

Coping Mechanisms for Decluttering

In my last post, I talked about signs that you might have anxiety when decluttering. I also wrote about some of the most common worries people have when decluttering. In this post, I talk about some causes for anxiety and healthy coping mechanisms. If you want to be able to […]
October 6, 2023

Real Homes: Decluttering a Small Bedroom

I recently contributed to an article in Real Homes about decluttering a small bedroom. Check it out here: How to declutter a small bedroom, even if it seems impossible             Posted By Jean Prominski, Certified Professional Organizer Follow me on Instagram @seattlesparkle Join my Facebook […]
October 13, 2022

ADHD and Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

You want to get your home organized, but your motivation is just not there. Could it be because you’re procrastinating going to bed on time? Think about it… you’ve had a really busy day. Would you prefer to stay up for some relaxing time watching Netflix or scrolling through TikTok […]
May 26, 2022

Productivity for ADHD Class

Do you want to be more productive? Many people with ADHD struggle with productivity for a variety of reasons. People with ADHD generally have a difficult time focusing, or can hyper-focus on something, making it hard to get anything else done. ADHD’ers often have trouble prioritizing and planning, and so […]
February 10, 2022

“Churching Up” The Bathroom

My favorite room in the house is quite possibly the bathroom. I love the spiritual qualities it has. It’s a place of personal reflection, renewal and cleansing. It’s a great place for letting go of thoughts that don’t serve you, and for manifesting all your desires. Water is symbolic for […]