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Color to Declutter: A Thoughtful Collection of Unique Designs That Will Help Bring Your Inner and Outer Worlds into Alignment.

Illustrations and text by Jean Prominski

Edited by Erica Rodgers and Keith Creighton

Cover art and layout by Steve Ruttner

Beyond delivering pure unbridled joy, the process of coloring is one of the best ways to get organized and stay organized. If done with intention, you can color your way to an organized home and uncluttered mind. Ok, there may be a few more steps involved, but once you start coloring, you’ll see!

• Coloring brings confidence to the decision making process.

• Coloring harmonizes the mind.

• Coloring is rewarding.

• Coloring delivers internal balance.

• Coloring strengthens your boundaries and identity.

• Coloring promotes self-contentment.

• Coloring is relaxing.

The Magic of Water Crystals

Your inner world creates your outer world and your outer world creates your inner world. Dr. Masaru Emoto experiments with this theory in his book, “The Hidden Messages of Water”. In his studies with ice crystal formations, Dr. Emoto would expose containers of water to different sounds, pictures or words (verbal or thoughts). He showed water that was entrained with words like “peace”, “gratitude”, and “love” all formed intricate and symmetrical structural formations. When he used words representing hate and anger, the crystal formations would be off balance, malformed or broken. Like the concepts Emoto poses, the words, thoughts, memories, images and noises in your environment will undoubtedly have an effect on your internal structure.

How does this relate to you? Think about the objects in your home as words. What words are they? Are they loving, kind and compassionate? Or are they the type of words that create structural disharmony? Letting go of items that don’t support your internal snowflake may even rewire your memories of the past!

While the destabilizing energy of structural disharmony is required in some situations, a continual stream of negative energy is unsustainable and can create chaos. Choose to welcome in the energy that promotes stability. Once you learn the lesson disequilibrium can teach you, you will feel grounded, safe and sure.

When the objects and images in our environment light us up and align with our goals and values, they create a positive ripple effect. These water crystal designs are positive representations of the things you can choose to fill your home. The benefits of coloring will help you declutter and organize your space. You will become more insightful about your relationships, career, time, diet, and much more.

The book can be purchased at ...and good old Amazon!