Sara Kelly joined Seattle Sparkle in 2024, building upon a 20-year friendship with founder Jean Prominski. She is currently booking in-person and virtual home organizing sessions in and around Seattle. Like Jean, Sara has years of experience working with neurodivergent clients. Shegained her education with neurodivergence through family members and other people very close to her who have learning differences and/or who have experienced trauma. Sara’s sister has developmental disabilities. 

Sara’s Style

Sara is gifted at meeting people where they are; she’s patient, perceptive, and really good at helping others e recognize their strengths and grow their talents.

Her home organizing skills combine natural abilities, bountiful creativity, and talent born of necessity through her many years of parenting and entrepreneurship. 

Sara learned early on that she flourished by balancing several part time pursuits instead of one full time job. She has worked in catering and hotel banquet service most of her adult life, and loves helping make a great party happen! Sara started a handmade sewing business in 2020 making kitchen items out of Star Wars and other fun fabrics. She sells her creations at local stores, craft shows, and online.  She met her husband in 2002 at a climbing gym and they homeschool their two sons, with lots of travel guiding their education.  

Sara’s  favorite way to travel is in the family RV - there is nothing that bonds a pride of four  like living in 240 square feet!  She loves outside activities - hiking, snowboarding and yoga, as well as indoor pleasures like reading, sewing and cooking.  She has lived through several remodels and moves, each time purging unnecessary items and finding a better way to organize her own home.  Recently she assisted her parents in a big clean up of their large home, helping them reclaim their exercise room from clutter and put all her moms craft supplies in one place, so it is easy for her to see what she has.  Sara feels like she is always working at being more organized in her own life and enjoys the challenge of creating efficient logical systems. 

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