Moving Preparation and Unpacking

Moving out of a home can be stressful, and so can moving in to a new home. I'm here to help relieve the burden, and to make the process fun and inspiring! Before the move, I can help you go through your home to make sure nothing is left behind. We will work together to make sure you bring what you need and want to take into your future home, and donate or sell the things you want to leave behind. Moving is a great time of transition and a perfect time to transform how you want to live.

Once you're at your new destination, I will help you unpack and find homes for all of your belongings. Or if you've moved in years ago, and still need to unpack or feel like you've never really "settled in", I will help you with that too! I have lived in about 15 different places myself (including Arlington,VA, Philadelphia, PA, Providence, RI, Sonoma, CA and of course- Seattle, WA!) so I certainly can empathize with my clients about the stresses of moving. If you're moving outside of the Seattle metropolitan area, I'm happy to help you find another qualified organizer in your new city.

I have a great list of other professionals in the area to help make the move as seamless as possible.