The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

Posted on Mar 17, 2018 in Books, Health, Organizing
The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning
Many of my clients come to me because they’ve read (or have been gifted) a few “how-to” organizing books, but they still want the added accountability of working with a Professional Organizer.  One very popular book right now is The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning  by Margareta Magnusson.  Sure, the abrasive title is designed to get your attention, but the book’s premise is built on taking responsibility for your belongings well in advance of your departure, so that your loved ones aren’t left with the burden of dealing with all of your clutter.  The author also incentivizes readers to clear their own clutter, so that they aren’t held back by it in their later years.  While Magnusson is somewhere “between 80-100 years old”, she advises readers to do their own Death Cleaning at any age.

What I love about this book is that it brings up the conversation about death in a lighthearted way.  Much like many people meet with an Estate Planner to minimize conflict about the dispersion of assets after they leave the planet, why not be proactive about your “stuff” too?  Working with a Professional Organizer is a great way to make the process manageable and fun.  As an Organizer, I don’t tell people what to toss, but I help reflect back to them what their values are, and what’s really important.

(PS- If you want a great Seattle-area Estate Planner who writes “Plain English Wills”, let me know and I’ll connect you!)

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