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Shelf Genie
I LOVE recommending Alan Regala of ShelfGenie to my clients.  He is truly brilliant and provides a great product!  Alan is excellent with spatial design so that you can maximize the efficiency of your cabinets. Shelf Genie helps homeowners in the Greater Seattle area turn everyday frustrations into joy.  They design, build and install custom storage solutions into existing cabinets using pull-out shelving. If you found that cooking for the holidays was a challenge, now is a fantastic time to re-evaluate your kitchen space and make it more organized and functional for the New Year.  If you're not planning on a full renovation anytime soon, ShelfGenie specializes in retrofitting your existing cabinets or pantry space with pull-out shelving to give you easier access, more storage space and better organization.  They provide a free in-home design consultation, during which they help craft a plan with you to make your kitchen more functional, without the need to gut your kitchen!  check out their website here, or give them a call to schedule your free design consultation- 206-929-4495.  Mention the promo code "Shelf Power" to receive 50% off Installation!

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