Self Care: Alignment

Posted on Mar 28, 2016 in Art
Self Care: Alignment

Self Care: Alignment

Physical discomfort in the body generally means that something is out of alignment. Two months ago, I got a new pair of sneakers, but simultaneously I also developed discomfort while I walked. Once the pain became unbearable, I decided to call the chiropractor. As we searched for the root of the problem, I mentioned a six-month-old ankle injury, which could be directly attributed to the pain. But what caused the ankle injury? Was it because I was walking clumsily down a mountain? Or was the lack of balance attributed to older spinal de-alignment?

This is something my horse trainer is always after me for, “bring your shoulders back, open your chest,” she is always telling me. Why is this important? It’s not just about looking pretty on a horse.   It’s about balance, of being open and unbiased to your surroundings so that you can react when needed, and of allowing yourself to exert power from your core. It is about letting yourself be humbled by your environment, but realizing that you belong and are entitled to take up residence in the space you occupy. It is not allowing your presence to be minimized by this great big wonderful world we live in. And it is about trusting yourself.

I bring this up because I know the only one who’s shoulders tip forward. Many jobs require people to spend long hours with their weight and attention in front of them, like working at a desk or preparing food at a restaurant.   Not being in alignment causes blocked energy and a loss of balance.

So what is the cure? Movement, and perhaps a new pair of sneakers. Let your energy flow.


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