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This weekend I received my Master Teacher attunement from Daisy Thompson, which will allow me to pass on attunements to others.  What an amazing gift, thank you Daisy!  I highly suggest signing up for a class with Daisy, or stopping by for a group meditation.  Check out her website here.

This post is derived from a Toastmaster’s assignment, “Research Your Topic”

As I was preparing for tonight’s speech, I was looking through the manual to see what the assignment was- “research your topic”. The manual gave some examples of how to research- read books at the library, search the internet for articles or watch videos on your topic. I love to use my intellect to research and analyze, but when I got this assignment, part of me wanted to rebel. I like to think of “researching” as a way of “receiving information”. Taking classes is a great way of doing research. In classes I’ve taken recently, I’ve been learning how to access my intuition- or internal research. I have also learned through a passing on of tradition. I’m going to talk to you about both of those tonight.

If you’d like to do your own internal research, I’d like you to try something. This is a wonderful tool which I’ve learned from my Reiki instructor, Daisy Thompson. Go ahead and close your eyes. Imagine yourself encased in a bubble of light that surrounds you, with a diameter of at least 10’. If someone is standing within that 10’, imagine the light brighter there, but still allow your bubble to hold its integrity. Allow this bubble to extend above you, in front of you, to the right side, to the left side, under you (under the ground) and behind you. Pay a little more attention to the space behind you, because this is often a place that is forgotten about, because you can’t see it. Now imagine more light is coming in through the top of the bubble, down through your body like a filament from and incandescent light bulb. Allow the light to run down your arms and hands, down your body and out your feet. Then pick an earth energy, like wood or grass or a food… whatever pops into your mind first. Allow that energy to run up through your feet, up through your legs, through your body, down through your arms and hands, up through your neck and out the top of your head. And check your bubble again, and allow it to expand. Practicing this bubble will really help when you’re researching for internal wisdom.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing.  It translates to “universal energy”.  As a Reiki practitioner, I am a channel for universal energy to flow through and around me to my client.  Reiki works by clearing energetic blockages and balancing energies. I flow energy that helps with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  There are four levels of Reiki attunement. A simple explanation of an attunement is when a Reiki Master teaches someone a Reiki symbol through a ceremonial process. These symbols are sort of like the language that helps to direct the energy.

How I use Reiki

Reiki can be used in many ways. Some of the things I do are self-treatments, treatments on others, treatments on animals, and in spaces, like my apartment. Another really helpful thing for me to do is to use it when I’m preparing for a speech at Toastmasters. I don’t know about you guys, but I get pretty nervous about doing speeches. But I’ve noticed, if I take some time to use Reiki to prepave the delivery of the speech, I feel a lot more confident.

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