handmade glass lenses, laser printed paper
5’x 4’x 4′

Chromatic aberration is caused when inconsistencies in glass create a diversion of color. The glass fails
to merge all the colors into one convergence point. This is most easily seen when a lens is placed over a
black and white image and a halo of the color spectrum is visible around the edges of the black image.
This is an example of finding beauty in flaws.

In this piece, light projected through various shaped glass lenses highlight the chromatic artifacts generated
from an otherwise black and white Islamic Pattern. Islamic patterns are derived from the glowing
cosmos- astral constellations. This repeatable, infinite geometry represents heaven on Earth. Islamic religious principles forbid the portrayal of humans and animals in art. Intricate patterns were derived with
the purpose to guide the mind from the mundane world to a deeper, intangible reality.