Book Recommendation: The Emotion Code

Posted on Nov 23, 2016 in Books


The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson is an incredible book that describes how trapped emotions can get stuck in your body, and what to do about it.  The author talks about how emotional memories from traumatic events can cause prolonged pain, and eventually disease.  This may show up in your body as physical pain, it may play out in reoccurring situational difficulties or with repeated unhealthy relationships.  In the book, the author tells about miraculous accounts not only with humans but with other animals as well.  I haven’t tried the trapped-emotion-releasing method yet, but I think his theory is certainly plausible and I look forward to trying it!

Although I haven’t yet learned the process of releasing trapped emotions in the way it is described in the book, I do know how to help people overcome health concerns due to overeating. The method I use isn’t about being disciplined to not eat what you’re craving.  I help people set up the conditions for success so they are fully tuned in to eating EXACTLY what their body is asking for.  If you’d like to learn more, schedule a free call with me here.



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